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We have a street address!

16-2016 Ooaa Road

(pronounced Oh oh ah ah)

No standard USPS mail delivery, but we saw a UPS truck pass on our road this morning!


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Bananas for breakfast

Below are two pictures of our breakfast– we picked up our rack of apple bananas, and many fell off. These bananas are very sweet and the perfect size- one bite for each of us per banana.

We are at the auto repair place in Pahoa now (8:44am). Our errands before here included the Kurtistown Post Office, the Keaa’u Transfer Center (trash & recycling), and the Pahoa DMV.



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Fruits and Veggies on Hand

I decided to keep a running list of food we have on hand at the moment. I may post this again as it changes. You may see fruits listed that you have never seen or tried–that is because Rachel wanted to try rare Hawaiian fruits.

Fruits On Hand

Egg fruit (4)
Mangos (13 RIPE)
Rack of bananas (RIPE)
Mamey sapote (1 RIPE, 1 other)
Jack fruit
Indian bananas (1 small green bunch, 1 small RIPE bunch)
Yellow jelly fruit/star fruit (2)
Black sapote (1)
Green Star Fruit (2)

Salad Fixings

Yellow Banana Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Small round tomato (1)
Cucumber (4)
Zucchini (2)
Carrots (4)
Romaine Lettuce
Bok Choy (3)
Bell Peppers (4)
Avocados (3)
Pumpkin seeds
Mac nuts
Sunflower seeds
Coconuts (3)
Cacao pods

Below is a picture of our salad 1/2 eaten. It was heaped up over the rim! We will finish it easily!


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Our errands today…

We did errands in Hilo today from around 8 am-6 pm.

First stop, community center proved fruitless (closed).

On our way into Hilo, we picked up a hitchhiker who was SO grateful.  He was on his way to CU Hawaii, but he didn’t know where it was, so it was good we helped him get there.

We drove into Hilo for the cheapest gas.  Around the corner is Garden Exchange where we got pallets last week.  They welcomed us to come back often, so we did.  Another 10 pallets loaded!  We’ll use them for building a composting toilet, floors for our tents, and maybe even walls for a screened structure.

We visited offices for Parks and Recreation and Forestry and Wildlife (obtained two permits for getting Tree Ferns).

We didn’t get library cards because it is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

We didn’t do laundry because we forgot soap but decided to leave our soap in the car from now on.  🙂 Not doing laundry enabled us to sit in on the Hawaiian Acres Community Association Board Meeting at 6:30 pm (hence access to WIFI and the post).

Having a Hawaiian Acres Farmers Market is being discussed right now– oddly enough, a controversial issue!



Blessings to all!


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latest news… :)

Today is Saturday, June 8.  We are at the Hawaiian Acres Community center where they served pancakes for breakfast.  One resident and friend brought a large screen TV and his laptop and shared with those that wanted to watch various videos and podcasts about crop circles, UFOs, and conspiracy theory things.  Then the free lunch started and that is what is going on now.  Since Mark and I don’t eat meat, we are enjoying white sticky rice, fruit, bread, pb&j sandwich, and chips.  Lunch is over and post lunch chatting has commenced 🙂

Sounds like the easy life, but in the past 3 weeks, we have accomplished a lot!

*Cleared almost the entire length and width of our driveway!

*Purchased a new-to-us 1999 4×4 Ford Ranger extended cab truck!

*Made an appointment for our driveway to be leveled this Friday, June 14!

*Secured a 300 gallon tub for cheap (it had cracks, but right now works great as a place to shower in).

Stay tuned!

Much love to all and more pictures to come!

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More fern clearing…

Since we now have a truck, we are even more desirous of a driveway. Yesterday, we got two quotes for excavating the driveway from the road up to where “Max” (aka Big Max, our bedroom, a 7’x7′ lawn and garden shed made by Rubbermaid, sold at Home Depot heretofore referred to as Max) is. Max is in a high spot that drains well that is about 30′ x 40′.

We are widening the clearing today and working to clear a path where the driveway will be. Stay tuned for more updates!! We love all of you!!




(2 years ago, we placed in the crotches of several multi-trunked Ohia trees and here is one blooming. Mark took this picture above his head. I took the next one and you can see the blooms and leaves above his head.)


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We have named our truck Pahoehoe, meaning the smooth kind of lava. Our property is on this kind of lava and our truck is the same color as Pahoehoe. (pronounced pa-hoi-hoi).

We have named our truck Pahoehoe, meaning the smooth kind of lava. Our property is on this kind of lava and our truck is the same color as Pahoehoe. (pronounced pa-hoi-hoi).

Rachel being silly :)

Rachel being silly 🙂

Here is our new truck!  We are still on the Kona side this morning.  Last night (Friday, May 31), we had dinner with Ed and Marini Ballard at Island Lava Java with live music and an ocean view.

Here are the four of us!  After ordering, it started to rain, so we moved inside under cover.

Here are the four of us! After ordering, it started to rain, so we moved inside under cover.

Today, we are going to go to the Farmer’s Market in Keauhou (near Kona) and snorkeling afterwards.

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