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Mark and I just saw a BRIGHT meteorite/ shooting star fall from the sky and burn up close to the ground (maybe 100 feet from the highway or less). The light lasted about three seconds and looked to be about the size of a baseball. I told Mark this was the first time I had ever seen a meteorite/shooting star. He said that he had plenty of meteorites, but this was the closest, brightest, and longest burning one he has ever seen.

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Held up in Arizona


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To Illinois!!


For now, we are driving to IL with our CA belongings.

We just sold our car. Had to go have car smogged and go to the DMV today. We are on the road now (noon on Tuesday, June 28, 2011) leaving Los Angeles.

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About 100 photos of our experience at Cal Earth have been posted to Rachel’s Facebook account.  There are some videos too!

In other news, Cal Earth had an open house yesterday, and we met Jonathon Tokosh, a wonderful friend with whom we had dinner and talked until 9 pm.  He came to Cal Earth from Oregon, where he was taking a workshop on Cob building.  See http://www.cobcottage.com for more info and whimsical pictures of homes.

Our week at Cal Earth looks like this:

Sunday: Off. Go to church, read emails, post photos, research, rest

Monday: Work on the garden wall (a not so recent picture posted on this blog)

Tuesday: Site Maintenance– fix things that are broken, patch walls, organize, clean

Wednesday: Research and Development– for this quarter, and maybe for the year, Cal Earth is researching and developing its waterproofing techniques.

Thursday and Friday: Work on Earth Architecture around the property– work on current but unfinished projects

Saturday: Same as Monday, working on the garden wall

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