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Today, we met the Founder of Domegaia, Hajjar Gibran. We are inspired and hopeful at the prospect of building an aircrete dome home on our Aloha Garden of Peace!

The whole drive home was filled with clear direction for the steps we need to take. We stopped to take pictures of the sunset, and only after getting out of the car did we see the DOUBLE RAINBOW!! So magical and beautiful!!

In a few of the pictures, you can see mountains Mauna Loa on the left and Mauna Kea on the right.

For those who might be curious, here is our action list:

Hand clearing by us
Excavations by a neighbor including the
Septic system,
new homesite,
water catchment tank ordered, purchased, delivered, and installed on a level base mode of black sand and aircrete band around the catchment tank circle.
Form up and pour the capital I shaped slab in between the containers and across the ends of the containers (780 sq feet).
Order, purchase, deliver, and install a 30’X50’ greenhouse from Greenhouse Specialists / and or Rudy’s shade.
Barn doors on the east end of the containers and greenhouse.

We will also need our solar panels hooked up, but we will do that hopefully this Summer.

Hajjar Gibran, founder of Domegaia
Hajjar said it was okay to go see the Domegaia training site.
In process photo of the kitchen
Bedroom (I focused in on the closet)


Part of a series of several sunset and rainbow pics

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