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We are back in Hawai’i!!

On the plane yesterday, I wrote this and here it is.

We made it!! These past days, weeks (and months), we have been working steadily to sort and repack almost all of our belongings in CA that we have acquired since coming from our property in Hawai’i in 2015. I am so grateful to George Strong from Fern Lodge in Castro Valley, CA for allowing us to be able to stay at The Valentine House for this work. I want to say thanks to Mark for his steadfast cheerfulness and hard work, complaint-free, right into the wee hours of the morning as we finished our packing and cleaning up.

Going forward, Mark and I will live in Kona with a friend with whom we have mutual agreements and sharing. We will be with her generally on the weekends. During the week, we will be on our property. More to come!!

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