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Sunday – Wednesday


Sunday, May 26

Up at 6

Out on the road hitchhiking beginning around 8 am.

We got a ride on the F road (after walking almost a mile).  Our ride (Ray) was going our Ainaloa out to Pahoa, and we knew there was a road to Hilo from there, so we rode with him.  Once on the highway there, we walked in the rain for over half an hour before a truck picked us up.  A friend that we met in the airport in Maui was in the front seat and we are grateful to Anton for telling the driver, “Hey I know them, pick them up!”  Thanks Anton!  They dropped us off at the church and thanks to them, we were ten minutes early.

After church, they held a membership meeting that they let us attend.  After the meeting,  we went shopping in Hilo and bought fruits and veggies, and a bamboo flute.  Mark plays the flute pretty often :).

There was a Pow-Wow cultural celebration in Hilo with Native Hawaiian and Native American dances and reggae music.  A church member picked us up when she was ready and took us all the way back to our place!  Thank you Peggy!  At home, it was about 4 pm, we had lunch.

People have asked what we eat and so far, our breakfast is the same as before – raw fruits.  For lunch and dinner, we buy raw veggies (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, avocado, and sprouts), seeds and nuts (walnut, cashew, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds) that we make into salads.  In the future, we may use the cabbage leaves to make wraps.  Below is a picture of our lunch or dinner salad.



Monday, May 27

Worked on the property the whole rainy day pulling ferns and cutting puna rose bushes.

Tuesday, May 28

Sunny and cloudy day.  Did a handwash “load” and we took the larger portion of our laundry into Keaau.  We left our property late (around 2 pm) carrying our laundry in a large plastic tub.  We are grateful that we didn’t have to walk too far either direction with our clothes.  While in Keaau, we also went food shopping again (it seems we need to buy food and charge our electronics every other day).

Wednesday, May 29 (today)

We woke early, dressed and ate six apple bananas each.  With pineapple in hand, along with our dry sack packed, we headed to the community center for the wifi to hear the online Wednesday church service and do some craigslist research for a vehicle.  It is already 3:13 pm!  We are sitting here talking to Erick and sharing Christian Science.

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May 24 & May 25 (morning)

Friday, May 24, 2013


rained from 3-6

Yesterday, we called Dennis Anderson who gave us a ride on F road to see if he would take us to Keaau to Ace Hardware.  We both agreed that early morning around 7-8 would be best.  He said that would be fine and said he would call when he was 1/2 hour away– he lives down the road, but has chickens so he needs the flexibility.  We left our driveway around 8 am.  He agreed to take us on several errands and wouldn’t take any pay.


I should mention that it was a lot of fun to sit on 5 gallon buckets with lids in the back of his ole’ truck and he went so fast and it was fun to face the wind (with my knees still facing toward the back of the truck), I laughed so hard.  Mark said, just don’t stick your tongue out like dogs do.  I wanted to try it, so I did which made me laugh even more.


We went first to Ace Hardware and bought 3 large blue washtubs, 2 shovels, one rake, one hand saw, and a 5 gallon orange rubbermaid water cooler.  We also looked for hangers, umbrella, chairs but didn’t get them at Ace, Longs, or Food Land.  Next, we went across the street to the farmer’s market with one of our new blue tubs.  Only two days ago were we there, but we ate almost all we got from Wednesday’s trip.  We got another bag of carrots, 2 cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and larger tomatoes, sprouts, apple bananas, and a plentiful pile of stawberry payays!  After bringing the food back to the truck, Dennis wasn’t in the truck so we decided to look for a credit union and one was across the street.  We opened savings and checking  accounts with Dennis waiting so patiently.  When finished, we went to the Kurtistown Post Office and turned in our application for a PO box.  Then on to Wai Puna/Kurtistown Park to fill up water containers (8 one gallon jugs, a two gallon, and our new water cooler), and then on to home.


We got to our drive and unloaded everything and then talked quite a long while.  Two cars drove by and said “He’s a good guy/hard worker”.  Eventually we said good bye and started to take the stuff away from the road, starting with the tools, food, and the cooler.  Our lunch was another raw salad with veggies and nuts.


After lunch, we brought the rest of the water jugs up and Rachel asked Mark if he would help put up laundry lines.  We also put up the tarp over Max’s roof and now we have a shaded front porch and water catchment! Yay!


It started raining soon after we were in bed and I checked the tarp and barrels several times (I was so happy that we had rain the first night it was up, and thrilled that we were collecting water).  I put barrels or tubs in each of the places (5) it seemed to be dripping.


Sat Morning, May 25

Woke in the morning around/after 7am. Happy to see water in our barrels and tubs. such simple pleasures :)!  We dressed, packed our bags (with dead computer, charging  cords, a bunch of apple bananas and 9 soft papayas) and headed to the community center to hang with people.  A pancake breakfast was served–that is why we brought our fruit.  they are locking up the center now, so gotta post this!  Tonight there is a dance here at Hawaiian Acres…

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May 21-23

May 21, May 22, May 23


Tuesday, May 21

got up 6 am

bushwacked for about 2 hours the area to the right of “Max” (aka Big Max, the 7×7 garden shed from Home Depot).

We went to talk to John Silverstrone to say hello.  He shared 3 chyotes (sp?) that we ate, edible ginger sprouts, a chyote fruit to plant, cinnamon/purple basil, Okinawa spinach, and almost two hours.  After so much time in the sun, we were ready to go back to Max and shed the hot work clothes and get hats and water.  On our way back to Max, we met and chatted with Andrew, a native Hawaiian who lives in front of John and Lala.  He and his family want to grow their own food and build their own home.  They have lived here for two years.  His wife is Ginger and daughter is Konalee.  He has a son that lives/watches his other house in town.  His 12 year old daughter goes to a charter school in Kapoho, near the warm pools, the place with beautiful sculptural gates, near Martin (who loaned us the truck).  


We got a ride into Kurtistown with a Latin American couple.  Got the mail (it was stamped May 22!, meaning it would have been sent back on that day), stamps and a PO Box application.  We had lunch at the Kurtistown Cafe (rice noodles with eggplant and spring rolls, $8).  Then we walked from Ktown to the top of Hawaiian Acres’ 8 road.  A very nice lady gave us a ride to the community center, and even though it was only 1:45pm, the center was closed.  Luna gave us a ride from the center to our place.  We purchased a small bunch (7) apple bananas from her.  


On our property, we decided to explore the third lot.  We found several grassy places that are swamp like–more water there than any other place we know about.  Rachel fell on the lava, in a swamp area, but recovered quickly.  (Another testimony from the day before was that Mark pulled an orchid stem out of his gloved hand w/o any blood and was able to move on and keep working.) We kept on exploring and eventually found our way to Max from the Southeast side of Max.  We decided to clear ferns around the Ohia Lui trees in front of Max.  In just a few hours, maybe only hour, we cleared about a twenty foot circle, maybe more.  


We put water in one of the showers and both had a cold shower.  brrr!  the day was warm enough, but the water was still cold.  It was good to shower though, as we both really needed it!


Once inside Max, we had a dinner of walnuts and craisins, and water.  Got to sleep around 8 or 9?



Wednesday, May 22


Up at 7.  I said that I wanted to go to a place to plug in so we could hear the church service that started in one hour.  We did make it to the Kurtistown Park/Wai Puna Water with 4 minutes to spare!  We enjoyed the service and even submitted a testimony!  


After the service, Mark left to hitch a ride to Keaau to get a water container from Ace.  In the store, Ellen overheard Mark share about his need to get to Hawaiian Acres and she offered a ride from Ace to Ktown to get water to Hawaiian Acres–very generous!  Thank you God!  Ellen is a Hawaii community college librarian and a native/invasive tree expert.  She got us to 6 and F, and we walked from there to our property.  In the bushes, along the way, we spotted a children’s painting easel which will require a lot of cleaning, but eventually, it may make a good sandwich board.  


After putting the 6 gallon water jug and the easel on our property a ways in, we turned around again to go to the community center to pay our dues and get the laptop so it can access the free wifi that is in and around the building.  


Between being at the park and the hour afterwards and the short time in the community center, we charged the cellphone and computer completely.  Yay!  From the center, we got a ride to Kurtistown.  We stopped into a solar store and Mark talked to Kawika for a while.  Jerome called back and Rachel chatted with him.  Next time we are available to visit him, plums are in season on his property.


We hitched a ride to Keaau to get some food supplies.  First, we went to the natural foods store and bought a shampoo that Rachel wanted.  Then food from the farmer’s market across the street that is there daily.  The venders are all Asian women, maybe about 6 of them?, plus some cooked food and a thrift store (a purple tank for Rachel and a snorkeling mask).


We bought two bags of fruit, veggies (1 pineapple, 1 bunch of apple bananas, 5 strawberry papayas, tomatoes, sprouts, carrots, and two cucumbers).  We also tried lychee from one stand and they pointed to a lychee tree just across the parking lot, so we got two more from the ground.  There was another fruit that we sampled, about tennis ball size, very soft, very (green or brown) smooth skin, very sweet inside, but very gluey skin, not sure of it’s name.


Armed with our fruit and our computer backpack, we walked along the road again, thumbing our way home.  3 vehicles later, we were back home.  Ralph (a cermisist and house painter) took us from the top of Hawaiian Acres to the end of the paved road, and Dennis (who owns a backhoe and hammer) took us from the 8 road to the 6 road.  He charges $175 with no delivery charge.


Back on our property again, we carried the water and food on the 1/2 mile path to Max.  We took two tubs out of the box that our bed is on and reorganized our clothes, and put the suitcases inside the box.  We decided that we will cut the closet rod that we have to fit length wise so that it doesn’t have to be at an angle inside Max.  Utilizing the whole rod to hang our clothes will make it easier to have access to our clothes.  Right now, we have just been hanging somewhat damp work clothes.  Soon, I will be ready to do my first load of handwashing!  We still need to string up the tarp and funnel rainwater into the barrel we got and put up the line for drying.  


Dinner was 1 1/2 sandwiches each!  Tomato, cucumber, sprouts on bread from Al’s Market.  They were soo good!  We also had one of our papayas.  Tomorrow’s breakfast will be more papayas.  4 of the 5 got soft very fast :)!  Good night! Time to brush our teeth :)!


May 23


up at 6 am

Read the Christian Science Bible lesson (before breakfast!)

Ate the four remaining strawberry papayas–they were sooo good!  Our second breakfast was the whole bunch of apple bananas.  Lunch was a salad with carrots, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, walnuts, and sunflower seeds.

From 7:15am – 4:00pm, we continued working on the “front yard” area in front of Max.  We cleared most of the puna rose and ferns from the high area that Max is on.  The few puna rose we kept are pruned specifically so we can use the trees to hang things on.  The edge of the clearing is a beautiful semi circle in front of Max. 

At 4 pm, I remembered that there was a meeting at the community center, but I couldn’t remember what the meeting/gathering was.  We showered with warm water and Rachel washed her hair for the first time since Sunday (when we were in CA).  

We learned that it takes four minutes to walk from our clearing along the path to the road.  We made it to the meeting (it is a road meeting) and we brought our dinner (same  ingredients as lunch with avocado mixed in).  As I have been typing, Mark made the salad, and they have been having the meeting.  Mark and I are in the kitchen.  Educational for us.


Tomorrow’s breakfast: ripe pineapple!!  We’ll be heading to Ace Hardware for their Memorial Day sale.  We’ll be buying shovels, a rake, pitchfork, large wash basins, hangers, and a bunch of other things.  

Much love to all!!

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Monday, May 20, 2013


Up at 3:13 am

7 oranges for breakfast at the Strong’s house

finished packing

Mark loaded the bags in the rental car

we both worked on preparing 5 nut butter sandwiches

left around 5:15 am

joined up with Nika at 6:30, the car’s owner.  He took us to the airport.

checked 4 suitcases.  carried 3 backpacks (one the “day pack” that zips/unzips from Mark’s large backpack, a red food bag, a purse, and two sweatshirts on the plane

Plane took off close to 8 am, arrived in Maui around 10 am HI time (1 pm CA time).

Less than a minute after we had all bags off the baggage line (around 2 pm), Martin called back and said that he would be there within 1/2 hour.

We enjoyed talking with the security guard after everyone else from the flight left.

Just before he arrived, I remembered that the phone battery was low (20%).

He took us to Ace Hardware in Keaau, and the PO in Kurtistown.

things we bought at Ace:

  •   a 12 x 20 tarp
  •   a rubbermaid “barrel” which we will store water for laundry, dishes, and clothes washing.  We’ll set up the tarp so that any rainwater it catches can feed into the barrel.
  •   100 ft of green heavy duty clothes line and
  •   clothes pins.

On May 24-27, Ace is having a sale on the laundry tubs that Rachel wants and the better shovels.  Lawrence was so kind to tell us that the sale is coming up for those items.

The Post office hours are 7 am-1:30 pm! It was 4 pm when we got there.  We’ll try tomorrow 🙂

We got to the land.  Martin helped us unload and we said our goodbyes.

Rachel cleared some of the path while Mark looked for where Big Max was.  He found it and we brought the suitcases in further.  On and off since we got off the plane, it rained.  It rained particularly just as we pulled up to the land and they were unloading.  The tarp we just bought at Ace became useful right away!

The rest of the evening, we spent clearing ferns from the path and carrying bags to Big Max.  We finished around 7 pm.  Made the bed with the 2“ full size bed camping thermarest (brought 2 years ago) and 2” memory foam (new this time). It is very comfortable, except that it is hard to type lying down w/out having your head propped up.

We took our red bag with food, phone, and charge to John Silvestrone’s house, but he didn’t respond, so we just made our way back to Big Max with red bag (food) and ate the 5th sandwich, chips, crackers, craisins, and walnuts.  outside to collect crocs and brush teeth.  good night.  the phone now has 43% power (charging it using the computer), but is not a hotspot so I have to send this from the community center tomorrow when I have WIFI access.  It is 9:26 pm (12:26 CA time) and it is hard to keep my eyes open 🙂

Much love to all and mahalo for reading!

I will write up about Tuesday and Wednesday when I can… 🙂

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To the airport!!

Do you know the way to San Jose? We do! We leave from SJC today in about two hours, flying to the Big Island of Hawaii!! We will be there for two months, nine days with the goal of preparing our land so there will be a spot to put our stuff when we bring it in the Fall. We will try to keep you posted with pics and descriptions of our work.

With love,
Rachel and Mark

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