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Yesterday afternoon, I went for what I thought would be a short walk for a few errands. I decided to take the long way up and over and through Deb’s Park on my way to Ave. 57. The first errand was a nearby park called La Cuelebra where they have a compost bin for anyone to drop off their food waste/compost. While there at the garden, I met Andrew and another fine young fellow. We chatted and shared and told them about the Ringing Cedars Series of books (nine books about living in harmony with nature and people) and rejoiced in how cool the new Pope Francis is.

On my way to the church at Ave 54 and Fig, I stopped in an Indian clothes shop. I entered about 7:30 and left at 9:30 with six pieces of clothing: 4 skirts, one dress, and one top, all of them except the shirt altered, custom fit to me, with tighter elastic in the waist so that when I dance, they won’t fall down. :)! Chenchel and Jac were so loving and patient as the clothes got fitted, and altered. Their normal closing hours are at 8 pm, but they lovingly stayed until each item fit well. Of course, I went in with the intention of just getting one or two items, so of course it blessed them too! While Chenchel was altering one of the skirts, I went on to the church, picked up the free food (apples, carrots, celery, 2 heads of fresh broccoli, 4 avocados, whole wheat pasta, and dried fruit and nut trail mix!) and then headed back to the store.

When all was said and done and paid for ($120 for 6 items, including alterations), I called Grant Taylor hoping that I could hook up with him and he might be able to give me a ride home. Turns out they were less than a block from the store, just finishing up dinner. It was now 9:45 and I hadn’t eaten any dinner. Ame was there with Grant and his two children. She ordered me some spring rolls and I had some other treats. Grant suggested that Ame take me home, and we rejoiced in the wonderful evening!

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Rachel’s Vision

I have been wanting Mark and I to sit down together and write out our vision, mission, and purpose for our Aloha Garden of Peace.  When I first reconnected with Mark in November of 2009, he explained that this was the name he wanted for his home.  I grew to like it and it is the name for our home and future life in Hawaii.  We have spoken about some of our dreams for what we would like to have on our property, but it is time to clarify our vision in the written word.

In a short summary, we currently have nine acres (which makes a rectangle) .  Someday, we would like to buy the additional nine acres next to our property to make it almost a square.  On our property, we would like to build:

1. our home

2. guest rooms for friends, families, wedding parties

3. a wedding chapel/large group meeting place

4. guest rooms for nursing patients

5. a school

6. an art studio

7. a birthing center

The property will have water catchment, a grey water reclamation system, composting toilets, solar power for water, plumbing, and power.

Activities on our property will include (these activities apply to all ages, generations, visitors, family members and guests)

quiet time, meditation, prayer (individual and collective), gardening, planting, harvesting, food preparation, art creation, daily, weekly, and monthly chores, music playing, bicycling, contra dancing, and many other worthy and enlightening activities.

Much love to all!!


Mark and I will be going to Hawaii this summer from May 20-July 29.  We will begin by clearing the driveway and a spot for our stuff to land when it comes off the boat and out of the shipping container.  We hope, if we get our act together, to bring our stuff over in the Fall/winter of this year.  We’ll see what happens!  God is guiding us each step of the way!

Below are pictures of our property from the road.  You can see that there is a lot of greenery!!  We’ll certainly have our work ‘cut out’ for us!!  Ha ha!

road 6 lot 003 (Small) road 6 lot 004 (Small) road 6 lot 002 (Small) road 6 lot 001 (Small)

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