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We arrived in Hilo!!


We had 3 wonderful flights, and the shortest layover in LAX we remember ever having! After waiting about 15-20? minutes to get our bags we checked at the gate, we emerged from our gate, looked at the monitor screens, and learned that our flight was boarding that minute just two gates down!

In the plane to Honolulu, the person seated behind Mark’s seat remarked to me as I approached my seat how glad she was to see me wearing my Cal Earth sweatshirt or jumper as she called it. Lavinia is from Germany, visiting a friend in Honolulu. She said she is interested in helping us to unload our stuff.

In the Honolulu airport, we met Ilan, a musician from Humboldt County who came for a tour on the Big Island. Ilan was on all 3 flights with us, but we began talking and sharing just before our Hilo flight.

We waited about an hour, but our ride did come and we were so grateful to see them! We drove Kourkie and Bee to their new home (they moved there on Monday) and are approaching ours now! Current time is


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Latest news!

How are you? Blessings to you!

We are still in IL. We were in Hawaii from May 20 – July 29. We came back to pack our stuff and take it to Hawaii. Lately, we have been thinking we’ll just bring the packing to a close and build first and then bring our stuff when there is a place to put it.

We had hoped that we would be in Hawaii by now, but we are still here, and have yet to buy the plane tickets. I have done some research on the tickets and expect we will buy them soon.

Also, I think Mark will go straight to Hawaii from here (with a day or two in CA), but I need to share my gift of nursing at a facility somewhere. Facilities always need people for the holidays and we need some income.


ps.  I have just learned that our blog might show ads on various posts unless I pay an extra $30/year.  So, I apologize for the ads, distasteful as they may be.

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