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Yesturday’s full day

Yesturday was a very full day!  I wanted to share its bounty:

(Mark) talked with a hunter (who was going to hunt on our property) who was working on setting up a wind farm 

(Mark) began working on sorting a tub of books about dinosaurs

(Rachel) did a load of laundry

(Rachel) made a strawberry, banana, and horned melon breakfast smoothie

Sam Landis came over

We shared our breakfast, went for a walk in Robinson Park, found chicken of the woods and wood ear fungi and saw other fungi.  We enjoyed the hill prairie and the amazing fall colors.

Went to lunch with Sam and his sister Liz at Paneras.  Ate Mediterranean Veggie with extra veggies and avocado.

Came home

(Mark, Andy, Rachel, Evelyn) Cut down two trees, cut up the trees.

(Rachel and Andy) cut off dead branches until 5:15-5:30.

(Mark) finished sorting his tub of books until 5:15 and left to make dinner.

We ate pita sandwiches with stuffed with spinach, vegan coleslaw, and sweetened pickles.

(Mark, Rachel, Andy and Joy) Got dressed and left at 6:15 to go dancing (Civil War era style) downtown at the GAR hall (only two more rehearsals until Yule Like Peoria (Nov. 23) when we are all in period dress and hundreds of people are watching!)

Came home

(Mark, Rachel, Evelyn) Listened to “Honest Politics”, a panel discussion from TMC youth.

(Mark) Cut apples

(Mark, Rachel) watched “Standing Bear’s Footsteps”

(Mark) watched other TV

(Rachel) Blended 17 jars of raw applesauce seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg!

Went to bed after midnight 🙂

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