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Merry (Mighty) Christmas to you!

We had a beautiful Christmas morning at home (breakfast was apple sapote: sweet, tart, crunchy, & easy to peel). We enjoyed the online Christian Science service (www.christianscience.com) with the help of the Wifi from the community center. We enjoyed doing video calls with both Rachel and Mark’s family, also with the help of the Wifi from the community center 🙂
We went to a potluck that started around 11 am. Mark learned to change the oil on our truck while Rachel was in the kitchen cooking/food prep with Laura. As you can see from Mark’s plate, there were five vegan dishes (corn spoon bread, beets, beans, mashed potatoes, & oven-baked sweet and regular potatoes) that we enjoyed immensely. We ate around 4 pm. I made a raw fruit pie with
-a freshly ground pecan crust (thanks Evelyn!)
-mamay sapote
-egg fruit
-black sapote
-mamay sapote blended with cocoa powder
-star fruit and pecan sprinkles to garnish

The other guests left just before 7 pm. Our host John was very interested in the Bible, religions, and history and invited us upstairs and we got to chatting. We finally left around 11 pm. What a full and wonderful day!

Just a few pics of the raw fruit pie we made and our delicious dinner…

Love you all!!




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New Ulu Tree!


On Thanksgiving, our church member Pansy invited us to come to her house if we would like an ulu tree, asking if we didn’t mind digging it up. We said we’d LOVE to have a breadfruit tree and digging it up would be no problem.

We got to her house about 3 pm yesterday, and she and her husband Jim showed us the trees they were hoping to be freed from. The tree pictured above was growing under it’s parent’s shadow. It took us 3 hours of digging, but we did it! We loaded the tree just before it got really dark. Jim and their son Julien helped with the final digging and loading into our truck. Thank you Pansy, Jim, and Julien for the beautiful tree and the help getting it up and out!

We got home and planted it right away (in the dark) in a compost pile of mac nut shells and pieces* and a little soil. (*We got the mac shells from a business that makes mac nut biodiesel. They couldn’t use the shells and pieces because it had gotten wet and was molding and shared with us for free :)!) Because we got the tree so close to Thanksgiving, we named the tree Gratitulu, Tulu for short :)!

The picture above was taken this morning around 7 am.

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