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Rachel, Castro Valley, CA – 8/13/2014
I wrote this testimony on Saturday, in the middle of a contra dance weekend. (Contra dancing is similar American square dancing, but in long lines instead of in squares.)

I experienced Love’s grace tonight! Just before lunch, while contra dancing with 300 other people, I fell hard, so it seemed, on the gym floor. It took me a while to really be pain free, but I danced the whole day, anyway, and didn’t miss one dance (except for when I helped set up snacks). Every dance has one partner and lots of neighbors. With every partner and every neighbor that I danced with, I asked how they were. When they asked me, I answered honestly that I was grateful to be there, that God is so very GOOD and Life is great and I was thrilled and delighted to be dancing! By the beginning of the evening dance, I could tell the partner that I was dancing with before lunch that I was completely pain free! He and several others rejoiced with me in this freedom. I was also bold enough to voice the Truth to those with challenges that they seemed to be dealing with. God is sooo good!! I thank God for the strength and grace to dance and my mother for her support and prayers! Now as it is after 1 am, it is high time I went to sleep! There will be another 12 hours of dancing tomorrow!!! Much love and gratitude to God and the UNIVERSE!!

Epilogue: I was able to enjoy the dancing Sunday as well, again completely pain free. This alone was quite a demonstration as many dancers would sometimes tell me of their [seeming] pain. As mentioned before, I boldly shared the Truth with them and they told me that they appreciated the help.

Thank you so much for these GLOBAL, all-encompassing services!! I love them so much and I am sooo grateful that the time allotted to listen to the replay has been extended!! Thanks again!

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