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It has been a long time with no post and we apologize! The past month (since Sat. Dec. 28), we have frequently been going up the mountain to a man who has been selling a lot of soil, lumber, and odds and ends (he is relocating). We have brought home 4 pickup truck loads of soil, 5 potting beds, a hot tub, a 3 x 6 window, and several loads of lumber.

With these building materials, and the fact that it seems whatever gets planted then is pulled up by birds, Mark decided that it was time to build a greenhouse. We looked into the cost of a new greenhouse and they are almost $2K! This summer, a neighbor gave us 3 large pieces of visquine, so we are going to try and make our own greenhouse space. The picture below was taken from our drive, looking at where the greenhouse will be. Max (where our bedroom is currently) is up on a platform with a roof that goes from the ridge to the North. We need to build the Southern half of the roof (from Max’s ridge to the South and put our solar panels up on that section. So that is what we have been doing lately! If you look closely at the center of the picture, you may see a line in the ground. That line marks where we have begun to take up soil and roots (about 5 inches). Hopefully, we’ll continue until it is all taken up!


Lastly, I would like to share with you how excited I am that today has been a sunny day with clouds and wind. We have discovered that the best way to ensure the showers get nice and warm, even hot, is to fill them early, place on the hood of our truck, and move them frequently. We are going to have hot showers today!!



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