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We finished unloading our container about two hours before our deadline with the help of two friends this morning. We had some truck troubles yesterday and the day before (dead battery AND keys locked in the truck) but both were overcome. We are grateful to our neighbor Andrew for charging our battery this morning and for Andrew and Noel’s help in unloading the second half of the tubs. A couple of days ago (Sunday), Mark and I unloaded the 1st half of tubs and shelves; it took us the better part of a whole day’s work without the help of the truck.

After the empty container was picked up, we went into Hilo to purchase two more white extra heavy duty tarps and do LOTS of laundry (it ended being about 7 loads worth)! I am looking forward to being able to do our own at home!

Quite remarkable was the weather these past 5 days. We had no rain during the day and very little at night the whole week! Such a blessing! It rained when we were framing the floor joists (with Brent’s help!) and putting the plywood on the day before the container arrived, but the plywood had a chance to dry completely by mid morning. It really was a blessing that the lumber was water logged, because our inclination was to make the floor as tight as possible! The first real rain (during the day) after the container came was around noon or 1pm today (5 days later), after all furnishings had found cover! To top it off, the moon has been amazingly beautiful, bright, full, and encouraging as we worked into the night with headlamps on.

I (Rachel) was knowing that no matter what the weather turned out to be and no matter what condition our stuff arrived in, God is in control! A few pieces of furniture need some glue, and some got marked up a little, but in the big picture, none of that matters so much. We are grateful to be here and grateful that our stuff is here too.

Two upcoming projects are to build a roof for our solar panels and to sort and put away all the 18 gallon Rubbermaid “roughneck totes” that were shipped. Peace and blessings to all!!

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Yesterday was Sunday. We had a nice church service and our friend Glenn Johnson from 13th Church in LA was there at the Hilo Society. Below is a list in order of where we went/what we did on Sunday:
KTA (laundry soap)
Laundromat (4 loads)
Credit Union
Bike store (unplanned stop to see what they carried)
Home Depot (4 plywood, 13 8′ 2x4s, 2 16′ 2×4, 2 kinds of nails)
O’Reilly’s (tye rod ends for our truck)
Keaau Natural Foods (veggies)
Kurtistown PO
Kurtistown General Store (fruit)

We got home around 4 pm. We did some work trying to level the pallets that we put in place on Saturday but realized that the pallets were not supporting the 2x4s. We met a contractor, Rob, in Home Depot who lives 2 blocks away. We called him at 8:40 pm and he happily agreed to come help with the project.

Up at 5:30 am. Began work right away cutting Ohia trees. Stopped for breakfast at 7 or 8 am. Later stopped for lunch around 11:30/12. We had finished cutting the Ohias from the drive (but they all still need to be moved).

Rob showed up just as we had finished our salad. As discussed the night before, on his way to our place, Rob stopped at Home Depot and picked up 6 80lb support piers and 2 8’4x4s. He helped us build a solid 8’x 16′ platform for 3 hours (12:30-3:30 pm).

The third major project of today was the migration of “Max” and the rest of our “camp” to the new area. While the platform was getting built and nailed down, my job was to empty Max out except for the full size plywood box/bed that Mark built in ’06. While waiting for help to move the bed, we dismantled Max. Our very good neighbor friend named Andrew helped us move the bed and reassemble the structure in the dark!! After many thanks and Andrew left, Mark and I worked quickly to put the food and tool boxes, chairs, and other things on the platform under the tarp. JUST AS WE WERE DOING SO, it started to sprinkle! The precipitation lasted only a few seconds, but still, we were amazed and grateful that it never sprinkled or rained during the building of the platform or migration of Max. The tarp went on and I checked the phone for the time and it was dead. We have taken to eating meals in the truck (comfortable chairs, the armrest/console serves as a fine table for our salad bowl, windows, mosquito protection, etc). So I plugged in at 9:25 and the phone resuscitated at 9:28 pm. We ate our delicious spinach, mung bean sprouts, sprouted lentils and other legumes, dried cranberries, raisins, and sunflower seeds salad. We have just now reached 100% charge on our phone and it is 11:29 pm. Time to brush teeth. Tomorrow, Rod will be here between 8-9 am w/ his machine to clear our drive. Love you all!

Ps. A big thank you to Andy McVey for the headlamp and flashlight–we use them both EVERY night! Thanks also to Jennifer for the care package! We are so grateful!!

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Below are pics of jackfruit and how we “peeled” and ate the fruit. White “strings” held each section of fruit and a seed was inside each section. So after peeling the strings back/cutting them off, Mark would separate the seed from the fruit and cut that piece of fruit in half- one bite for each of us. It took us two mornings (yesterday and today) to finish the whole thing. Today, while mark worked at peeling and preparing, I read aloud from a book about native Hawaiian plants and specifically about Polynesian crops.

The taste, we think, is similar to artificial banana flavor in some candies, such as “Now and Later”, but it has been MANY YEARS since either of us had any such candies.






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Bananas for breakfast

Below are two pictures of our breakfast– we picked up our rack of apple bananas, and many fell off. These bananas are very sweet and the perfect size- one bite for each of us per banana.

We are at the auto repair place in Pahoa now (8:44am). Our errands before here included the Kurtistown Post Office, the Keaa’u Transfer Center (trash & recycling), and the Pahoa DMV.



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Fruits and Veggies on Hand

I decided to keep a running list of food we have on hand at the moment. I may post this again as it changes. You may see fruits listed that you have never seen or tried–that is because Rachel wanted to try rare Hawaiian fruits.

Fruits On Hand

Egg fruit (4)
Mangos (13 RIPE)
Rack of bananas (RIPE)
Mamey sapote (1 RIPE, 1 other)
Jack fruit
Indian bananas (1 small green bunch, 1 small RIPE bunch)
Yellow jelly fruit/star fruit (2)
Black sapote (1)
Green Star Fruit (2)

Salad Fixings

Yellow Banana Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Small round tomato (1)
Cucumber (4)
Zucchini (2)
Carrots (4)
Romaine Lettuce
Bok Choy (3)
Bell Peppers (4)
Avocados (3)
Pumpkin seeds
Mac nuts
Sunflower seeds
Coconuts (3)
Cacao pods

Below is a picture of our salad 1/2 eaten. It was heaped up over the rim! We will finish it easily!


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To the airport!!

Do you know the way to San Jose? We do! We leave from SJC today in about two hours, flying to the Big Island of Hawaii!! We will be there for two months, nine days with the goal of preparing our land so there will be a spot to put our stuff when we bring it in the Fall. We will try to keep you posted with pics and descriptions of our work.

With love,
Rachel and Mark

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