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This afternoon, Mark and I watched “Malama i Ka ‘Aina, Caring for the Land, One Island’s Struggle With Illegal Dumping”, a Public Education Video (PEV). (In the Hawaii library system, when you check out a video, unless it is a PEV, you have to pay $1 per video for 1 week checkout.)

We watched the video and were inspired to pick up trash along the road and take it to the Keaa’u Transfer Center. We filled our truck bed with

a big, heavy rug w/plenty of weeds growing up through it
2 TVs
4 tires
Rotten old palette
1 box spring
and a bunch of small trash.

It is 6 PM and we have arrived at the community center and there is a HACA (Hawaiian Acres Community Association) member’s meeting tonight. We rushed here to learn that it starts at 6:30 :). Great time to wash hands and make our dinner: PB&J sandwiches!

On the agenda for tonight’s meeting is a discussion about starting up a farmer’s market again in our community –it is zoned agricultural after all!! For some reason, it is a contentious issue and some people are filled with fear. So we thank you for your prayers and support tonight (if you are still up :), knowing that LOVE, PRINCIPLE, and divine MIND govern, not fear or anxiety.

Much love to all!!

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