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We started with a Cushaw squash. This kind of squash typically get to be about twice the size of two pumpkins, especially when talking about the length of a Cushaw. Imagine the shape of a butternut squash and multiply it by 20 or 30. Our squash was probably close to 3 feet long and about 10 inches diameter except for at the base where it was 12 or 13 inches in diameter. I wish I took a picture.

We peeled the whole thing. We had it for weeks and there was quite a bit of the squash we had to compost. After cubing most of it, Mark discovered that strips 2-4 inches wide and 6-8 inches long were easier and quicker. All the squash left fit in 4 tall-sided 12-cup containers. After baking it for approximately 50 min (8:30-9:20) (give or take 5 min) at 400 degrees, it all fit into 1 12- cup and 1 6 cup containers.

That was only part one! We also baked pears, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. We took the last dishes out of the oven at 11:38 pm (trying to be as quiet as possible because it is Evelyn’s house). We closed the door behind us around 12:15.

Back in the burrow, I (Rachel) needed to tend to my rough fingers. I have discovered that using a cardboard file, I can make my skin smooth and human-like again. I climbed into bed near to 1 am. 🙂

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